New Pallets

New Pallets

New Pallets in Buffalo, NY

If you need pallets or skids for your shipping purposes, Pallet Exchange Company Inc. is here to help your business. We are proud to manufacture pallets of all sizes for businesses across the Buffalo, NY area. Whether you are looking for standard new pallets or specialty pallets, we have what you need.

New Heat Treated Pallets & More

We know that the pallets you use for your business have to be durable and sturdy. That is why Pallet Exchange Company Inc. produces heat treated pallets and other specialty options. Simply let us know how many pallets you need, what sizes, and what features you would like. We’ll produce the pallets according to the best industry practices and get them to you quickly. 

At Pallet Exchange Company Inc., your company's need is our number one priority. We guarantee that we will deliver your pallets on time, this way your business will never need to worry about a loss of production time. When you purchase new pallets from us you're getting the best in service and quality. Contact us today! 

New Pallets for Sale, We Buy Pallets & Heat Treated Pallets Buffalo, NY

Convenient Pallet Shipping Services

When you place an order for 50 pallets or more, you can expect us to deliver your pallets to your door promptly and dependably. We offer excellent local delivery across the Buffalo-Niagara region.  We also offer reconditioned pallets & buy used pallets.

Get one step closer to getting the pallets you need.
Call us at (716) 823-2400 today to buy your new pallets & skids!

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